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Roosevelt began that first address simply: “I want to talk for a few minutes with the people of the United States about...On this day in 1776, in Baltimore, Maryland, a public notice appears in local papers recognizing the sacrifice of women to the cause of the revolution.She is a full-time advocate for the prevention of child abuse who lobbies for legislation and heads a foundation.She delivers some eighty speeches a year, and they reliably end on a note of quiet resilience.

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But in the time since, the now 27-year-old has been able to move on.PHOTOS: Recent celeb babies In February 2012 she married her longtime love Matthew Gilmour, and now according to her dad, Ed Smart, Elizabeth has welcomed a new addition — a baby girl named Chloe.PHOTOS: Cutest celeb baby announcements "Elizabeth is great, she just had a little baby girl three months ago," Ed told East Idaho of his new granddaughter.PHOTOS: Stars and their moms Ed currently works to help end sex trafficking, and hopes to help other children avoid the fate his daughter was subjected to.PHOTOS: Celeb moms brag about their kids "We want all of those people who have been victimized out there to be survivors, to be thrivers, to find their dreams, to find that new hope in life," he told the site. Sign up now for the Us Weekly newsletter packed with the latest celeb news, hot pics, and more!The London drug squad appears at house of George Harrison and Pattie Boyd with a warrant and drug-sniffing canines.


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