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The recorded history of Sparta began with the Dorian invasions, when the Peloponnesus was settled by Doric Greek tribes coming from Epirus and Macedonia through the northeast region of Greece, submitting or displacing the older Achaean Greek inhabitants.

The Mycenaean Sparta of Menelaus described in Homer's Iliad was an older Greek civilization, whose link to post-Mycenaean Sparta was only by name and location.

it was the dominant military power in the region, and as such was recognised as the overall leader of the combined Greek forces during the Greco-Persian Wars. C., it was the principal enemy of Athens during the Peloponnesian War. C., Sparta's role as the dominant military power in Greece was over, but the so-called Spartan myth continues to fascinate Western culture.

Lacedaemon is now the name of a province in the prefecture of Laconia.

The target requirements will remain the same as AA27AA as will the year-ending yardage requirement of 27.

The AAA27AAA recognition is a one time achievement.

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He was believed to have built the sanctuary of the Charites, which stood between Sparta and Amyclae, and to have given to those divinities the names of Cleta and Phaenna.

An heroum was erected to him in the neighbourhood of Therapne.

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As of the 2013 target year ATA will officially recognize those who have achieved AAA27AAA similar to that of AA27AA.


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