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What's the first thing a sorority girl does in the morning? Here is the URL of the message where she asked if it was ok: you gave your opinion on them.

What's the difference between a sorority girl and the Titanic? How can you tell if a sorority girl has achieved orgasm? Steve Corbin Lambda Chi Alpha Theta Kappa Chapter Rose-Hulman Inst. Originally posted by Sexy Mocha: Corbin, I am not aware that Heather received "prior approval" before posting. The fact remains that the "jokes" are extremely tasteless and as I stated before, not at all funny.

THE CANONICAL LIST OF SORORITY GIRL JOKES -------------------------------------------------------------------------- What does a sorority girl put behind her ears to make her more attractive? What is the difference between a sorority girl and a bowling ball? What is the difference between sorority girls and hookers ? What is the difference between a sorority girl and an elephant? Almost all of them, you can substitute anything in for "sorority girl" and get the same thing out of it.

You can't fit a sorority girl inside a bowling ball. You can pick them up, stick your fingers in them, and throw them in the gutter and they always come back for more. I thought most of them were stupid, but some were funny.

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