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If the tension's bad enough to keep you from getting things done, you might notice it affects you in other ways, too, like: Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder affects behavior.

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edition of Good Housekeeping published a feature on staying healthy while travelling.This stereotype tells us that you can spot a person with OCD if their desk is tidy, their kitchens are always sparkling clean, and they have a fear of germs.That stereotype isn’t just annoying, it’s dangerous.This is a problematic thing to publish in a magazine for multiple reasons.For one thing, it’s using OCD as an adjective – as something you can ‘be’ rather than something you have. The other issue with Good Housekeeping’s choice of subhead for this piece?Now, to be clear, when Good Housekeeping declared readers should ‘be a little OCD’, they didn’t mean that they should be plagued by obsessive thoughts, feel constantly on edge and filled with fear, or be unable to break out of rituals that affect their quality of life.


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