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Tor or any of a number of other privacy services online or even visit their web sites to read about the services, there's a good chance your IP address has been collected and stored by the NSA, according to top-secret source code for a program the NSA uses to conduct internet surveillance.

There's also a good chance you've been tagged for simply reading news articles about these services published by Wired and other sites.

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This type of encryption has never been broken and at the same time, SRD Wireless says that even future quantum computers won't be able to crack its code.

Prompted by Edward Snowden's revelations about the government's intrusive surveillance activities, loosely knit citizen militias of technologists and security professionals have cropped up around the world to develop systems to protect us from government agencies out to identify us online and grab our communications. Brooks, who is just 22 and a self-taught coder who dropped out of school at 13, was always concerned about privacy and civil liberties.

Four years ago he began work on a program for encrypted instant messaging that uses Tor hidden services for the protected transmission of communications.

But too many Washington talking heads and politicos don’t seem to get this.

Their profound misreading of the Constitution has put our democracy on a perilous path toward a surveillance state.


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