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It's been more than a year since Celine Dion's husband, René Angélil, passed away at 73 after a lengthy battle with cancer.

Ever since then, the music legend has honored his memory through public tributes and private grieving with her family.

This is the new and improved version of my old blog post! More than likely you’ve typed in “I’m not ready for a relationship right now” into Google and found this post. It’s almost comical how common this phrase is, isn’t it?

One thing you need to understand is that no book or guide can make someone love you and you might have to accept that things will not always go the way you want them to. You may be what I call The Pursuer (formerly Person A) and The Evader (Person B) as described below: The Pursuer: You’re hopelessly in love with that special someone (The Evader).

You become confused because you’re getting mixed signals; they give you a hug, and then push you away. The Evader: You have someone in your life that means a lot to you or you simply have a hard time telling people no.

They’ve made it clear they are enamored with you, but you feel confused and perhaps trapped.

"I think I will probably grieve for the rest of my life," she said.

Dion always thinks of him when she makes business decisions now; she noted that she even consulted a fan-painted portrait of René when she had to decide whether to record a new song for the "Now it is definitely too soon for me. When I hug my kids, it's for him and it's with him.

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Does she wonder if this is the best sex is ever going to get?If you hear a girl saying she "isn’t ready for a relationship", she might be referencing a recent break-up, or unwanted attention she is receiving from another guy.If you a like a girl who doesn't like relationships, strike up a conversation or invite her out with a group of friends.You’re just not feeling the “spark” and don’t know if you should be.You’ve given it more time because you don’t want to hurt them and you want to see them happy. I’ve been dating this girl now for 2 and a half months.


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