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Harvest is the story of the last days of an English village just as the Enclosure Act is about to be enforced. It turned out that she had once been married to a country doctor – a brutal man who terrorised her and their four children.One night, while he was in a drunken stupor, she decided to leave him.In arguing for the play's strong humanist orientation, however, I am not merely endorsing humanism as a practice of learning and reading as refashioned in the play.

As the Irish judge on the panel, I had to give it three thorough readings and found it no less a pleasure each time. “Put one foot over the fence and the rest of you will follow.” I heard this many years ago from an elderly woman in a general conversation about changing one’s life. " Ted Hughes, "Setebos" (1) Since the peak of postcolonial approaches to Shakespeare's work in the decade between the 1980s and 1990s, The Tempest has been read as a drama of colonial expansion and a play about the subordination of the natives of the New World.(2) Yet Ariel's allusion to "the still-vexed Bermudas," (3) which expresses the play's concern with Jacobean colonial projects in the New World, also captures the ambiguities of Shakespeare's geography because the island is located in the Mediterranean, somewhere between Tunis and Naples.The day before the game, Hoffenheim head coach Julian Nagelsmann said: "We have to make sure the spell doesn't break.Otherwise, they run all over you.” In truth, it was Hoffenheim who bewitched and ran all over Bayern as both Nagelsmann and his team passed their Champions League test with flying colors.Christine Dwyer Hickey: Ulysses and Mrs Dalloway “inspired me to approach my work as follows: take a character, place the camera inside his or her head, switch on the sound and lower them down into a city, then let them off and see what happens…” Photograph: Lorna Fitzsimons What was the first book to make an impression on you? I believed it completely, so much so in fact, that I did myself an injury trying to lift a manhole in our back garden.


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